This *Almost* Makes “Baby Shark” Worth It

Try this.

See a parent sitting on a bench at a park, watching their kids climb up a slide (after giving up trying to remind them for the billionth time that people go DOWN slides not UP them…just me? Too personal?)

Tap this person on the shoulder and whisper “Bay…bee…SHARK”

There are three potential reactions:

  1. They ignore you, ya weirdo.
  2. They punch you in the face, ya creep.
  3. They respond “doo doo, doo doo da doo” (ya creepy weirdo!)

The Baby Shark song captivated toddlers who steal their parents’ phone while they are on a professional conference call and somehow figure out how to navigate YouTube without even knowing how to read! (Again…too personal?)

First released in 2015 by Pinkfong, it won’t leave. It stays with you forever, the definition of an earworm.

My two-year-old loves it – and the rest of the Pinkfong library, too. No joke, the content works in helping with language and learning.

On a recent episode of the Late Late Show with James Corden, we were blessed with the greatest version of the song yet, complete with Josh Groban and Sophie Turner.

How great was it? It almost makes having the song stuck in my head all day worth it.



Note: Image is a screen-grab from the Baby Shark YouTube video here: