Happy #BatmanDay!

batman daySuperheroes are kind of a big deal in my house.

Growing up, my uncle owned a comic book store, so it was easy to follow the escapades of my favorite characters.

I gravitated to the DC Universe, one filled with pure fantasy and imagination. Time travel. Aliens. Mythology. While I’ve always appreciated the Marvel line, it was never my #1.

Batman was an anomaly compared to Superman (my all-time favorite fictional character), Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and the rest. His parents were shot and killed when he was a boy, leaving him all alone in a dark world. The future Dark Knight trained himself to be a one-man crime-fighting machine, grappling with Gotham City’s most dangerous villains.

His superpower was his grit, determination, and creativity, fueled by a desire for justice.

A self-made hero in a world where most heroes are born with powers or acquire them through an accident. That definitely stood out to me.

I love getting to share the love of these characters with my children. Bug asked to wear a Batman t-shirt today…and when I found out that today is #BatmanDay, how could I refuse?

What comic book character impacted you the most as a kid?



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