Free Babysitting in Washington, DC

chime logoA night out on the town without kids is every parent’s dream. Peace. Quiet. No baby vomit. No “I don’t like that” screamed when they see their favorite dish.

But there are so many obstacles to hitting the streets. Chief among them: childcare.

Who will watch your kid(s) while you wine and dine?

We’re really fortunate to have so much family living close by who enjoy our three monsters, but not everyone is so lucky.

The Neighborhood Restaurant Group in Washington, DC, is partnering with Chime, the new curated, neighborhood-based offering from to help get parents in their locations.

From the release:

Starting July 27 through Labor Day, NRG and Chime have partnered to offer DC families the opportunity to enjoy a night out without their kids. With nearly 20 NRG restaurants you can choose from an incredible array of dining options. And the best part? NRG is going to take care of the babysitting. Thanks to Chime, your children will be in good hands. Visit and enter code NRG to receive 4 hours of babysitting credits ($60 value).

Basically, they are removing the biggest hassle in having a date night in Washington, DC.

Chime only serves up a handpicked selection from the top 1% of all sitters on SitterCity, and only those close to you – a perfect solution for urban and not-too-far-out parents like us, who live ~5 miles north of the city line. It’s also available in New York, Chicago, and Boston, and I have a good feeling other cities will be added soon.

And NRG has some of my favorite restaurants in the city (like ChurchKey!), making this a delicious deal for all parents to consider.

So, DC Parents, no excuse to not have a night out together. Alone. With some of the best food in town.

[Disclosure: I was invited to a media dinner, which I was unable to attend, and also received credits to use while learning the Chime experience.]

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