Going to the Bathroom Alone

the joy of peeing aloneFor the first few decades of my life, I took something precious for granted.

Going to the bathroom by myself.

Once you have kids, it’s over.

Naturally, when you are at a restaurant or running errands, your little compadre(s) must come with you everywhere you go. They are your #1 (and…uh…#2) priority at all times.

That’s not what I’m talking about though.

I’m talking about in your home.

You SHOULD, in theory, be able to go to the bathroom in peace in the comfort of your own home. It’s your domain. Your castle.

Not anymore.

Every parent has had kids swing open the door trying to investigate what’s going on in there. One of my kids tried to see what was going on a little too close one day and I’ll just leave it at that.

What’s your favorite kids-in-the-bathroom story?

One thought on “Going to the Bathroom Alone

  1. Ah, yes, using the bathroom alone…the good old days. My favorite story was when I was in the tub, trying to read and relax, and my son decided to sit on the floor outside of the tub to read a picture book to me instead.


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