Baby Snuggles Are Magic

Newborns are hard.

Ridiculously hard.

They eat…constantly. They sleep…barely.

They spit-up.

They poop.

They pee.

They cry.

But they also do one thing that makes up for it: They snuggle.

Baby Snuggles: Magic. IMG_4067

When a baby curls up, head on your shoulders, bottom on your forearm, hands tucked under their body, there is nothing better for a parent.

Those moments override the stress and sleepiness of a baby’s first few days, replacing them with a rush of love and energy to get you through.

Over Squish’s first week of life, he has done the following things:

  • Prevented us from sleeping more than 2.5 hours in a row.
  • Peed on us. Multiple times. He has “after seeing a movie in a theater” amounts of urine.
  • Filled a diaper with nasty, watery poop. And then 30 seconds after we cleaned the mess, did it all over again.
  • Spit-up on us. A lot.
  • While laying flat on his back next to me, spit-up in the air and directly INTO MY MOUTH. MY MOUTH! [I was too amazed – and kinda proud – to be grossed out.]

None of this was anything close to pleasant.

But those snuggles, man…

Shortly after peeing on me twice within one diaper change today [I said he had insane amounts of space in his bladder], we laid down and he slept on me for an hour. I dozed off for just a few minutes, but those were freakishly restorative. And without a doubt, enough to power me through the rest of the day.

Like I said, baby snuggles are magic.


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