Advice Needed: Time for All Three

Quality Time Can Be Anywhere

Adding a third child to our family is pretty much the most exciting thing to happen to our family ever.

We’ll have a new human person to play with!  Plus, both Beanie and Bug will be big siblings, completely changing their dynamic with us and each other, and the baby.

But besides excitement, I’m honestly feeling another emotion right now: anxiety. But not for the reasons you may think.

Sure, having another mouth to feed and behind to wipe and such is a daunting task. The responsibility is immense. But we’ve done that before. Twice. I’m not worried about that.

No, my anxiety is as much logistical as it is practical.

Our two kids both have their full calendars – daycare, soccer practice, swim lessons, birthday parties, playdates. After the baby is born, I’ll be “owning” those calendars for a while, preparing, packing,  picking-up, everything.

Add a baby to the mix and I’m sincerely concerned about spending enough quality time with all three.

For dads of three (or more) – how do you balance time with all of your kids?







2 thoughts on “Advice Needed: Time for All Three

  1. Eric

    Find out their live languages and then constantly feed. When you sit and when you stand and when you walk. Pours love and wisdom into them at every possible moment. Every encounter is purposeful. It may not planned by you , but it was already planned by God. Seek His direction during those moments.

    “God, what should I say to her right now?”

    “God, how can I love him right now?”

    Teach them every minute in the car. Listen to their stories and lead them to the right decision.

    Practice practice practice.

    Pray even more. Pray every free minute. Make it an ongoing conversation with God.

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  2. I had just one kid. I have no doubt, having watched him grow as a son, as a man, as a husband, and as a father of one then two, he has nothing to worry about. I’ve never seen a more loving, confident, and gentle soul fill all of his roles in life. I can’t wait to see what more love looks like when there already is do much.

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