A Four-Year-Old’s Letter to Hillary Clinton

[Caveat Up Front: This is not a political post. I don’t care to know your politics and I know you don’t care to know mine.]

“Is a girl going to be the President?!”

Beanie, our 4-year-old daughter, has been excitedly asking people this for weeks.

We don’t really talk politics around the kids, but we tend to have the TODAY Show or Good Morning America on in the mornings, so the kids hear some of the topics of the day.

Tonight, Beanie asked us again, so we talked to her about Hillary Clinton, the front-runner to be the Presidential nominee for the Democrats in 2016.

We talked about her job in the Senate, helping the people of New York. And then talked about her job as Secretary of State, representing the United States around the world. She was in awe learning about a “girl” doing such important jobs.

[Bug, our two-year-old, stopped running around the kitchen to ask if she visited Anna and Elsa in Arendelle. We assured him she did.]

We explained that people will vote for who they think should be President later this year.

Our daughter’s mind was working overtime processing all of this information. She disappeared for a few minutes and came back with paper and a crayon. She said nothing to us, but proceeded to sit at our kitchen table and write. Occasionally she would ask us how to spell key words. When we realized what was happening, we were awe-struck. Beanie was writing a letter to Hillary. She wanted to write a letter to Hillary Clinton to tell her how happy she was that a girl (like herself) might be President.  Here is what she wrote:


[Transcript – To: Hillary: I am Beanie. I hope you will be the President. You are the best. Love, Beanie]

No matter what your politics, this is an incredible time. Barriers are being shattered all over the United States, allowing for more people to see people like themselves in positions of power.

The current President is African-American. The Democrats have Clinton and an independent-minded Jewish Senator as their final two potential nominees. The Republicans have a celebrity businessman, a career public servant, and a Senator of Cuban heritage as their final three.

Of course, these people are more than just these titles. But it’s amazing that these nominees represent a cross-section of the American populace, allowing everyone to dream as big as possible…even…especially…a four-year-old girl.



One thought on “A Four-Year-Old’s Letter to Hillary Clinton

  1. anaisabelphoto

    Oh my goodness!!! This is post is so empowering! It’s crazy that as a parent you can see these changes happening with your own kids!!! Tell Hava she’s the best!!


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