Regarding Adam LaRoche

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller

Parenting is all about choices.

Literally every day is a “choose your own adventure” style book. Do you go to this event? Or let them hear that song? Can you skip nap time to have an adventure? Will you regret it later.

Chicago White Sox first basemen Adam LaRoche was confronted with a parenting decision recently.

The team asked him to limit the times his 14-year-old son hung out in the locker room.

Doesn’t seem unreasonable, right? I mean, I work in an office of roughly 300 people and it’s pretty rare to see someone bring their kid in. Maybe in a crunch when the kid is sick, or school is closed and they have to be in the office.

Case in point: Have you ever had a neighbor that you said could “come by any time,” and they came by every day? Technically, the neighbor is doing as you instructed them, but stopping by every day clearly abused the intent of the offer.

Adam LaRoche RetiresLaRoche looked at this request…looked at his $13 million contract…and decided to retire.

I used to work in sports. It’s a haul. Night. Weekends. Holidays. And I wasn’t an athlete training and competing. And I didn’t have much travel in those days, either. I can’t imagine what the life of a professional athlete with a family must be like.

It’s also hard for me – and you, probably – to look at a guaranteed $13 million salary and say, “I’ll pass.”

But LaRoche was in a position to do so. His career as a successful athlete allowed him to make that choice.

It also afforded him the ability to invest in other business ventures, like Buck Commander, a subsidiary of the Duck Commander company – the crew behind Duck Dynasty.

Summing it all up: Adam LaRoche was able to set aside his baseball playing days to invest in spending precious time with his teenage kids – years he will never be able to replicate, no matter how much money he could earn as an athlete.

Time is pretty effing valuable.

Photo Credit: By Keith Allison on Flickr (Originally posted to Flickr as “Adam LaRoche”) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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